The Horn:

This enclosure design proposes to combine the convenience of listening to a real element of decoration that will delight the most demanding music lovers as well as lovers of design.

A collaborative and research for nearly two years, here the combination of high-fidelity that will propel the most demanding ears in a sound rich in detail. Reserved until now to the restricted world of audiophiles, those speakers are open to a wider audience by integrating two speakers include:
For bass and mids, we choosed the Eminence BETA 12 LTA of 12 inches ensures powerful bass and midrange to high precision.
For acute, Beyma CP22 tweeter is was selecioned. First for its sound quality but also for its full aluminum manufacturing who give it the most beautiful effect. It just fit on the front portion of its shape is reminiscent of the design of a propeller aviation. This combination can cover all frequencies and sublime these speakers HI-FI giving them a fine listening without comparison. In the bigger version it fit a 15 inches Eminence Beta for a powerfull experience.

The dynamic effect of the design of this speaker amplifies the sound naturally by not requiring to increase the volume of his amp up and can hear all the instruments of his favorite music. Most people rediscover some of their favorite music in a different light when they are played on The Horn because the depth of sound is incomparable.
Naturally, people who do not have a large living room have not been forgotten because these speakers come in three different sizes which can both be easily integrated into an small apartment in their version S. The tecnicals specifications don't change with the medium version but the design is closer to the Maxi Horn.

Unlike forms of The Horn who be with a retro touch in its wooden varnished version, The Maxi HornHorn receives a glowing painting that fit perfectly with modern interior design and avant-garde stylein its standard version. The color can be chosen on demand. Its generous dimensions 1400 x 1400 mm speakers receive Magnavox 500 W and it's always this form of horn that gives at these speakers an unusual sound because the amplification is done naturally. The listening experience is unique and any spirit within range will travel the sound. Several concert halls were seduced by the charm and incomparable sound quality of these speakers. The size for those venues or the big houses, this is the format of 2100 x 2100 mm is selected and allows sound to 1000 sqm with an incomparable sound quality.The Horn's pressbook is available clicking here


Giselle Lounge Table:

Anna Neklesa is a young Russian interior and product designer who born in 1988. She designs private interiors, public spaces and objects

" I was wondering, what new look of the modern Russia I would like to reveal to the world community? And it was Ballet Nothing expresses the Russian spirit like this form of art. For several centuries, fragile and pretty ballerinas with a strong and passionate character, excites the minds of the intelligents all over the world. ", - dixit Anna.

In May 2011, Anna is approached by the artistic direction of Kerozene Design. The Giselle table is a project, Kerozene Design loves it and materialize it. The fabrication is made in France to get the best finishes. The first copies are made in September 2011 and are publicly available as of that date. Different versions are planned before the end of 2012 with for example a console version in the shape of half moon leaning against the wall.
- In souls nobly born, valor does not depend upon age - as said in The Cid, Corneille. Anna shows us that this is true ...

The Giselle top is made of sheet steel or aluminum, legs of painted wood. It has only two legs but it is stable and steady. You can put napkins or something else into slots while eating a cake with coffee or reading a magazine.

Dimensions: 800 x 1000 x 600-700 mm - Public Price: 1790 Euro

The Giselle's pressbook is available clicking here


Our Collections:

Space Lab Collection

We gave "carte blanche" to ours designers... They submerge us in a contemporary and futuristic design, where creativity does not have border anymore. As with Victor Aleman and his Loopita for example, Kerozene Design likes to present young and promising talents from all walks comers. Curves innovative and surprising that no concessions to comfort and functionality. We fight against the standardization of thought and creation. We are constantly looking for new designers to enrich our team and try to amaze you with these young talents. You can discover the Loopita clicking here

Planet Collection

Planet is a collection in direct contact with nature. It aims to make decorations with organic or natural inspirations to relax in the best conditions. The materials and assembly are very neat. Only a few craftsmen with great mastery of technical bends lianas, rattan and jute can produce these parts that require special attention. A design in roundness where the liana predominates. This material allows original shapely creations to discover. From a simple stool at the large cocoon Abalone, these creations are sure to beautify any interior

Yothaka Collection

In a more classical universe, a design in the purified lines. The world of water hyacinth and resins. Water hyacinth is commonly worked and the difference is mainly by the selection of the best vines and the quality of weaving. Yothaka is a comprehensive collection of chairs, sofas, tables and coffee tables for indoors and a range for outdoor natural fiber or natural resin. Although this collection is more classic, a touch of design is present in each piece and gives a little freshness to conventionals ideas.

Kerozene Design in its effort to reveal talents, this site currently show only The Horn to put a spotlight on the fertile imagination of Alexander Knyazev. Our complete catalogue with all the creations is accessible asking by mail or by the contact form. We are at your disposal for any further information.




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